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Flags for 1st Graders Program

Directeur Americanism

Grande Voiture du Indiana

During my travels around the world and across our great nation, I find in today’s environment many people don't know the real history on how our country came about, and the many sacrifices endured in order for millions of people, who live in this country, can continue to prosper and be free. 

When I was growing up, and going to school, the main subjects taught were English, Math, Gym (my favorite), Art/Music, Social Studies, Geography, History, etc.  In today’s world things have changed.  One thing that should never change is teaching the history of our great Nation from the beginning.  If you want to know what Americanism is, people need to learn the history on how the United States of America became … One Nation under God … with Liberty and Justice for All!  It took a lot of hard work, dedication, loyalty, plus many personal sacrifices from people of all walks of life to make Our Country what it is today - Great!  It must continue!  Freedom is not Free - We the People must continuously Work for it, Defend it, and Sacrifice for it in order for us to stay free.

In the Forty & Eight “Flags for 1st Graders” program, we are given the opportunity and honor to educate children on our Flag of the United States.   American Veterans from all walks of life provide this invaluable training and they answer questions from the students about their background/experiences in defending our Country.   You would be very surprised on how many of those children are very motivated to learn about the history of their country and what the Flag stands for.  It really makes you feel good to see them!

At the end of each session, each student is given their own American Flag.  They’re proud Americans!

On a separate note, the “Flags for 1st Graders” program is supported by Americanism Pins Sales and other Voiture functions in order to buy flags, coloring books… for the children.  If you need pins, please contact me.  You can purchase flags, coloring books, tri-folds…from Emblem Sales


I thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Directeur Americanism, Grande du Indiana.


Don Caudell Jr.

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Flags for 1st Grader Presentations
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